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Eternal 1oz Gray Wash Set - 3 Bottles

Product Code : PRD-88153415


Eternal Gray Wash Set 1oz Each a pre-made gray wash with light, medium, and dark shades. Tested by our own world renowned black & gray artists.

Eternal Tattoo Ink – 1oz Gray Wash Set

Eternal tattoo ink is a pre-dispersed ink manufactured in the USA.  It is a non-toxic, glycerol free, water-based, vegan tattoo ink.  You will find all the colors you could possibly imagine in the Eternal Ink Collection.

This listing is for the 1oz Gray Wash Set.  You will receive 3 bottles of 1oz Gray Wash: Light Gray Wash, Medium Gray Wash, and Dark Gray Wash. 


  • Pre-Dispersed Tattoo Ink
  • Eternal Tattoo Ink
  • Size Options: (3) 1oz Bottles
  • Gray Wash Set
  • Color: Light Gray Wash, Medium Gray Wash, Dark Gray Wash


Eternal Ink is the most famous brand in the world. All tattoo artist trust in this brand because they lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for their tattoo inks. The best satisfaction is that artists believe and trust in Eternal Ink. They quality control every step of the process so the stunning bottle of Eternal Ink you bought last month will be a dead-on match with the bottle you'll order next month. They know that consistency is critical to you, your art and your reputation. They know because are artists, too. That is the real secret of Eternal Ink : Made for artists by artists.